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How to do Yoga, Thyroid, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Stomach Diseases, Digestive System Diseases, Arthritis, Back Pain, Head and Neck Diseases, Respiratory Tract Diseases, Muscles, Bone System and Joints, Urinary and Reproductive Diseases through Yoga. How to cure related diseases. Get healthy benefits by reading about Tantra, eye diseases etc.

When and what should we eat? To stay healthy we should do yoga daily. Your question will be how to do yoga. How to cure diseases with yoga asanas and pranayam. You will get to read about all this in this blog.

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All posts on this website are written by Nijkumar Lodhi, who has a Master’s Degree and Diploma in Yoga. He has taken training from yoga institutes. 10 Years of Experience in Yogasana Pranayam, Group Yoga Classes, Personal Training Yoga Classes are running continuously even in 2024. Due to the author’s interest he has created this website to help others regarding health.

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